A Few Words

Picture of JoSound JO 33 loudspeaker

A few words

JoSound is a new name in high performance music reproduction.

We believe that not only should we deliver great products that offer the highest accuracy in music reproduction, but we should endeavour to do this in a manner that is sustainable and has minimal impact on the natural environment. Thus ensuring that we keep the world beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

Incorporated on 22 March 2011, JoSound Limited is headquartered on the beautiful island of Jersey.

All our loudspeakers are designed in Jersey and lovingly created by dedicated craftsmen in Swindon, England.

JoSound's world debut was at the AudioWorld 2011 show at the Park Inn, Heathrow, London on 26 March 2011. Since then we have gone on to develop a complete range of loudspeakers that have received plaudits in the international press

Design Philosophy

In order to ensure your listening pleasure, when embarking on the design of a new model, we always strive to satisfy 9 critical points:

  • Accuracy, especially in the 100Hz-18 kHz band
  • Solid, stable and realistic soundstage
  • Air and space around the music
  • Must reproduce the speed and dynamics of the music
  • Must "reproduce the performance" well on all genres of music
  • Must be easy to listen to ... no fatigue please
  • Must be engaging and put the listener at the heart of the performance
  • Must be produced using sustainably produced materials wherever possible
  • Partner friendly

... just the music !

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