Our Partners

JO 33 Enclosure

Bamboo Surfaces (MWC Group)

Our enclosures are lovingly fashioned, from environmentally friendly and sustainable Moso bamboo, by these highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen based in Swindon (England).

AER Logo

Acoustic Electronic Research Loudspeakers

Filip Keller, one of the most congenial and humble people in the audio industry, founded Acoustic Electronic Research Loudspeakers over 30 years ago. He is a very talented engineer and music lover who has been responsible for the development of the AER drivers that are used in our Horus models. In our opinion these are the finest full-range drivers available on the market today.

O2A cables

O2A Cables

O2A, based in Schaan, Liechtenstein, manufacture some of the world's finest interconnects and loudspeaker cables. All JoSound loudspeakers are wired with suitably matched O2A cable.

Track audio isolation feet

Track Audio

Track Audio, based in Amersham (England), manufacture possibly the world's engineered loudspeaker stands, spikes and isolation feet. All JoSound loudspeakers are supplied with a set of Track Audio spikes or isolation feet (depending on model).



WBT, based in Essen, Germay, manufacture and supply some of the best audio connectors available. All JoSound Cartouche and JO loudspeakers are equipped with WBT binding posts.

Diametric Technical

Diametric Technical

Diametric Technical, based in Swanmore, England, manufacture badges for some of the of the best global brands such as Hasselblad and Jaguar Cars. All JoSound loudspeakers are equipped with terminal plates manufactured by Diametric Technical.

Jordan JX 92S driver

E J Jordan Designs

Ted Jordan, often referred to as the "Father of Full-Range Driver" has been designing drivers and loudspeakers since 1952. He is talented engineer and music lover who has been responsible for the development of the JX 92S driver that is used in the JO 45 and Cartouche 30 models.

... just the music !

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